A Painful Process

I must have woken up at about 6 am. It was still dark. I was disoriented and had the feeling that Jason wasn’t in the bed with me. I listened. Our usual cacophony of animal and human snores was missing. Ah, there it is, the sound of dogs snoring and the incessant knocking of an off balance ceiling fan. But what about Jason? I try to see but my eyes can’t really make out anything. Now I am panicking. I reach out across the bed and touch his back. Phew, good, he’s here. But is he okay? I found myself wondering if something could have happened to him in his sleep because of the horrible nightmare that I had just left behind. It was probably just from the stress that comes with change, even if you don’t FEEL stressed. Finally, he rolled over and resumed his sleep breathing sounds and I was once again peaceful.  Until I tried to roll over to get cozy again and wanted to curse loudly as the pain shot down my back and right leg. Yeah, we have been moving all kinds of things, but my body is not liking it! Good morning to me!

Another day brings another day’s worth of duties. The most difficult part of it all is trying to make sure you are not running around in useless circles. We can only make so much trash because we have to get rid of it during our weekly pick up and are limited on how many cans and pieces of debris. So we are stockpiling black trash bags all around the house. We are moving furniture out to storage and the other house, and hoping we won’t have to move anything back from storage that doesn’t sell. We are packing up our lives to transfer to the other house, then transfer again when we move to a boat. I am trying desperately to be well organized, but it is somewhat overwhelming. All of my clothes, kitchen stuff, toiletries, pretty much anything for daily living has to be somehow packaged up in a portable form. If I want to look at the bright side, I guess it’s not a bad thing that I didn’t fit in most of my wardrobe so it was easy to cull. It will not be my most fashionable fall season, I am sure of that. I also learned that I collected way too many hair and beauty products while actually spending little time on either. Parting with certain kitchen goods will be very trying for me. Jason might have to rip some of them away from my death grip.

Yes, you still have to clean out the cleaning products. Who needs so many anyway?!

The rest is much easier to let go though I do feel a sense of guilt for all the things I’ve tossed that really should have adopted by someone else. However, we are learning now that it’s not easy to sell or give all of your possessions, especially when time is of the essence. Some items are snatched up on eBay, while others just generate interest with no follow through on LetGo. I am remaining hopeful that we won’t have to rent another dumpster and move back everything we put in the storage unit. 

And more cleaning products! Sushi set or candles anyone?

This weekend is a biggie! Lila and Lane turn sixteen. Maddie is coming to take them for a mall outing and lunch today. Tomorrow we will celebrate with the grandparents at Ruth’s Chris (yay, steak for us) and Sunday we will freeze our asses off riding rollercoasters at Carowinds. I’ll be thankful for the little break for my back and I definitely won’t get on any jarring rides so I can get back to it on Monday. 

I think they had a blast!

UPDATE: Hopefully, this will be the last post with an update. Since we were able to take down the site’s “Garage Sale”, I’ve been floating you old posts in an effort to get our back story up and to encourage friends and family to connect with us here and follow along on the blog. The next post to drop will be current,  and you can probably expect that in a day or two! Thanks! ~S

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