Buying a House to Sell Our House

Wow, has it really been that long since the last entry? Well, we have been busy. I had reviewed some of the previous entries and wow, we had no idea how things would go. That’s why I love looking looking back on my writings.

House #1 is not THE house

So to pick up where we left off, we made an offer on House #1 but backed out after the home inspection. They came back to us with a lowball price of $74k, but we had already moved on. It wasn’t the house. Two doors down, House #2 went on the market right at that time. We liked this house much more but weren’t sure we could afford the $122,900 price tag or that the property was worth the asking price. We made a low offer and their counter offer was only a few thousand lower than the list price.  So we decided to wait it out because this appeared that it wasn’t meant to be and we were heading off to sailing school in just a few weeks.  After thinking about it for some time though, I was sure that this was THE house, but we couldn’t really do anything as we were less than a week out from departing for sailing school. We had to sit tight and tell ourselves that if it was meant to be, it will happen, but it was killing me to do nothing. 

Joni arrived on Thursday and she wanted to see the house on Friday. We called the realtor and set this up for her while we would be en route to Fort Lauderdale. While we were waiting for our flight, the realtor texted us and urged us to make an offer as someone else was submitting an offer that morning. So Jason texted a magical $110,000 (the absolute most we would pay), then we put our phones in airplane mode for the flight, wondering what would happen. Once back on the ground and given approval to use our phones again, we found out our offer had been accepted. I found myself at Pelican’s Landing on Saturday afternoon wiring money while eating my lunch, before check-in time for sailing school. 

House #2 is ours!

As for sailing school, it was awesome, wonderful and fantastic, but I am skipping commentary on that since there are specific posts for that. When we returned from Fort Lauderdale, we got on all the tasks for the closing, completed March 7th, 2018. I hated writing that check but it was a necessary step in getting us to our goal. 

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