Lost and Found

Lost. That’s not a reference to our beloved fluff ball who went to doggie heaven. That is about how I felt this past Sunday. The week of course was a rough one as was to be expected. The girls were devastated by the loss, so we thought it best to take a day off Thursday and head to Greensboro to try to lift our spirits. Lila and Lane have their driving permits so we seized the opportunity to get them some driving time.  It is a slower process because we have two that each need their forty hours. They are progressing nicely, but it’s still a bit of an anxious situation with their minimal level of experience (me clutching the car handle tightly is the norm for now). We had lunch at the Mellow Mushroom and stopped in the Fresh Market for some tuna to make sushi. Of course we couldn’t leave without one and a half pounds of prosciutto, fresh mozzarella and some crusty loaves for sandwiches. Yes, we splurged a little, but it was just what we needed. 

Don’t make fun…we don’t make sushi every day!

By Sunday, everyone was feeling somewhat better, but that’s when it hit me. The weather and events kept us from being productive (lacking a good distraction). Two of my pets were gone, my house was gone (theoretically) and everything I knew was no more.  Overly dramatic? Maybe. You never know just how hard change will hit you. I had positively embraced all the changes up to that point, but for whatever reason, the chink in my armor appeared and I was low, trying to stay away from everyone for fear of erupting into tears. I guess I finally decided to mourn my kitty Eli and rolled into bed in a very sad state. Then the most miraculous thing happened and you’ll have to hear it from Jason’s perspective: 

As you may have read in the previous blog, we had a really bad week with our pets, losing one to cancer and the other to disappearance.  I think our luck may have changed last night as I thought I heard a meow as I lay in bed next to a sleeping Stacey and watching TV.  I assumed, because it was faint, that it was background audio from the TV.  Then I heard it faintly again and bolted out of bed.  There was no reason to hear a cat in the background and sure enough as I rounded the corner into the hallway, our missing cat Eli was meowing as he approached me.  Poor Stacey was startled awake by my flying out of bed and exclamation that he was back.  Needless to say, after 9 days missing we were all pretty much out of hope that he would return.  We were all overjoyed although still unsure if he was on his own all week through the snow or more likely someone took him in and then released him after the snow had melted.  Either way, we’ve got him back.

He tolerates it all 🙂

So, at 11:14 that Sunday night, I woke to the scene above. I really couldn’t believe it. I was so happy to have him back! If only he could tell us where he’d been all this time! The next morning, the mood had lifted some and the fog started to clear, but my heart wasn’t quite there yet. I don’t know if Jason sensed I needed a boost or if he needed one too, but he suggested we go see our friends after they got off work on Monday. It really was just the medicine I needed to feel better, so I thank them for letting us crash their evening on a “school” night. Love you guys!

So now we are less than a week away from Christmas and I am properly in the mood! Found. My kitty and my spirit. We may not have a post next week or maybe we will, but we would like to take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas! Hope the new year brings joy and blessings to all! 

An oldie but goodie. Merry Christmas!


  1. Yay! I’m so happy he came home! I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year! Him returning is definitely a sign of better things to come. Love you all and hope to you soon.

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