Sailing School Day 2

It’s a beautiful morning here in Miami! But I HURT all over. First and foremost – too much sun! My bad. Yeah, I am a dumbass for not covering up sooner than I did and using some tree hugging sunscreen that while environmentally friendly, was not very skin friendly. Coppertone, please. Bumps and bruises, yes. The chop on the water was enough to cause slippery decks and that made getting into position for tacking, or moving anywhere for that matter, very difficult and often ended in a bang of limb to fiberglass. Knees had to be used to steady oneself while both hands were working the jibsheet on the winch because of its positioning on the boat. Knees are surprisingly tender today. And last but not least, let’s not forget those poor little muscle groups that haven’t seen action in…I don’t even know how long. That aside, bright eyed and bushy tailed (or mermaid tailed) for another fun and hopefully less painful day.

So yesterday’s weather, and the weather for the rest of this week is not looking to be in our favor. The winds are out of the south east, and if we are wanting to head south, we will be fighting for it and not getting anywhere fast. When up to speed and on the port tack, we would see speeds up to 7.5 knots. But starboard tack was slower and well, let’s just face it, we are not the most efficient machine just yet! LOL! We all took our turns of motor sailing over the course of three hours. I enjoy my time at the helm. I like trying to keep a heading and looking at land based references. It is also very calming and helps keep any motion sickness at bay – if one were prone to it. I am fine as long as I am not below deck for too long in rough waters. The minute I lose those sensory and visual cues, I start to feel it. We’ll see if I can hang and make the sandwiches at lunch today (there were never any rough days after the first so sandwich making did not end up being an issue). We practiced tacking for most of the day, each taking turns on different positions. I got to be at the helm as we beared away into the channel, then another student took over. We finally rolled in to our anchorage and I don’t know about anyone else, but I was feeling pretty beat. Soggy noodle is probably a more accurate term. Thank goodness that Jen, our instructor took dinner duty this first night, and we are blessed that she can cook up a mean salmon with caper butter. It was so fantastic and melted in your mouth! (I owe you one good salmon dinner Laney!) We enjoyed the fellowship of each other while we dined and wound down. Jen assigned us each a homework topic which we will teach each other this morning before the sailing begins. Then it was showers and bed! There is something about a gently rocking boat at night that is so soothing to me. I rested pretty well last night. And knew that it was someone else’s job to make sure we weren’t dragging anchor!

I just wanted to mention the fellow students on board. We have two gentlemen, both married with kids. Tyler is a tad younger than us and from Colorado, and Kevin is a hair older and currently resides in Virginia. They are both great people and I couldn’t have asked for more supportive, positive classmates. I’ll confess that I was worried about who might be on the boat and if they would just assume I was only along for the ride and didn’t want to learn anything myself. Thanks Tyler and Kevin for being such great guys!

Okay, today is going to be longer and more difficult than yesterday so I better get back to it. I’ll try to do a better job with some pics but I am here to learn sailing after all, not to play with the camera equipment, so it is what it is. Video will take some edits, so that won’t be available until post trip. Stay tuned…

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