Teaching, Circles, and a Nice Swim

Our second day was vastly different that day one. Some morning coffee, breakfast and time to get ready (or write my blog) were the first items of the day. After that, it was time to set about our homework. The previous evening after dinner and clean up, we each chose a card that had a sailing topic and were instructed that we were to prepare a presentation and notes to teach our fellow students. So for the next half hour or so, we each took our turn sharing our information with others. I got lucky; I heard a noise and as soon as I looked up, I saw a ray come flying out of the water, proudly displaying its white belly before it flopped back down into the water. It was difficult to contain myself and not interrupt the instruction – I was like a little kid! After the instruction time was over it was anchor up and head out into Biscayne Bay. Today’s task: each student had to take one of four positions (jib sheet, mainsail, traveler, and helm) for the entire duration of completing all the points of sail around the circle. This was not a quick process and in fact took up the entire practice portion of our day. After that, we all took turns at the helm while we learned dead reckoning along the way to our anchorage for the night. It was a full day and I did struggle a bit with comprehension of certain aspects, but I’ll get the hang of it eventually. But I can assure you that physics is not something that clicks for me, so the struggle is real. After some birds, dolphins and a sea turtle sighting, we rolled into Elliott Key a bit early.

At this point we set the anchor and it was time for a swim! Yessss! We jumped off the back of the boat and enjoyed the cool blue water as we relaxed before grilling steaks and watching the sunset. After dinner it was clean up and flash card drills to prepare for our first test the next morning! A glass of wine and some conversation with our classmates and it was time for bed. Another great night of sleep – minus the 4 am spritz that woke us and had us scrambling to close our hatch and port lights. The next morning, we got the great news: we are heading to Key Largo! After our test, day of drills and the sail Key Largo, we will be super happy to dock, have shore power, full showers and a meal out! A little nervous about those man overboard drills we need to perform and excited for another eventful and satisfying day!

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