Valentine’s Day Entry – Short But Sweet

Good morning and Happy Valentine’s Day! This post is going to be short because we have one less hour to ourselves this morning. This is because there wasn’t dockage for us when we arrived at Gilbert’s Resort, so we had to wait until the fuel dock closed at 5pm and pull up there for the night. Since they open at 8:00, we will purchase ice and get out of dodge as to not tie up their fuel dock. We are supposed to be practicing docking this morning on our way out (gasp!). I am not exactly sure where but it must be somewhere here – possibly on the parts of this dock that are “Dock at your own risk” due to the hurricane damage. Everything is definitely open for business however, so come on down to the Keys! We enjoyed our fish tacos and Big Boobies (rum punch with portion of proceeds going to Breast Cancer Awareness), and as you can see, so did Bob.

Meet Bob! Bob was our man (or actually a PFD tied to a gallon jug full of water) for our man overboard drills for the day. This was a really fun exercise and gave us a feel for the boat that we’d only read about before. Let’s just say if you fall in the water when you’re on my future boat, you don’t want me as your spotter! I missed grabbing poor Bob twice with the boat hook! I was a little better at the helm, but only because I had a great crew. Oh, we also took our first test yesterday and I scored a 99 – pretty happy with that! But the next three tests will certainly be more difficult. Today we have to make it all the way back to Miami, so it’s going to be a very long day. And because of the morning schedule, we are looking at testing en route some time mid day. So it will be another exciting one folks! Two more nights on the boat and two more days of sailing. I’ve got to go and start doing the pre sail checklist since it’s my turn today, so more later.

One final mention: I DID NOT KILL BOB! I know that is hard to believe, but I didn’t kill the bastard, as much as he made my life difficult that day. Our instructor Jen asked shortly before departing the dock, “What happened to Bob?”. Clearly, she had not intended for us be done with Bob so soon. Maybe someone despised Bob as much as I did, and even if I know who the culprit was, I’ll never tell!

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